RUDN University Steklov Mathematical Institute Lomonosov Moscow State University

The 9th International Conference on
Differential and Functional Differential Equations

Moscow, Russia, August 16–23, 2020

International Workshop
“Differential Equations and Interdisciplinary Investigations”

Moscow, Russia, August 20–22, 2020


Those participants who would like to submit an abstract of their talk are kindly asked to send it to us by e-mail: dfde2020@mi-ras.ru. The abstracts will be collected in a booklet to be distributed among the participants upon arrival.

The deadline for receiving abstracts is May 15, 2020.

The abstracts should be prepared as a standard LaTeX 2ε file not exceeding one page. Please, format your abstracts, following the below guidelines.

  1. Please, use our style file abstracts.cls. Download and save this file in the same directory with your LaTeX abstracts file.
  2. The structure of your LaTeX abstracts file should be as follows:
    \title{Title of Your Lecture}
    \speaker{First Author}{University, City, Country} % author who gives a lecture at DFDE 2020
    \author{Second Author}{University, City, Country} % repeat for each co-author
    \ctitle{First Author, Second Author}{Title of your lecture}
    	Text of your abstracts here.
    	Your bibliography here.
  3. Please, do not use macrocommands throughout the text.
  4. Please, add first four letters of your family name to names of any LaTeX references to formulas, theorems, or citations.
  5. Please, do not type the title in uppercase (except for the first letters of names).

Here is an example of correctly formatted abstracts. To compile it with LaTeX, please, use our style file as described above in item 1.

Для русских участников / For Russian participants: Поскольку наша конференция рассчитывает получить поддержку РФФИ, мы просим наших русских участников по возможности указывать в своих тезисах ссылку на свой грант РФФИ.

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